Shipping your suspension to Independent Race Shop has never been easier!

Wether your a professional, or amateur, Independent Race Shop makes it easy for everyone to ship their suspension. We are here to make your experience painless and reasonably priced. That is why we offer to send you a custom suspension box and shipping label. A simple deposit fee guarantees you will have a custom Independent Race Shop Suspension Box, bubble wrap, and shipping label at your doorstep in no time!

If you already have a suspension box we can e-mail you a UPS shipping label to save you money compared to other shipping stores. We can provide you with a shipping quote over the phone.

We recommend you insure your components if you ship the suspension yourself without utilizing our shipping label. UPS is our Preferred Method.

Shipping Suggestions:

• Download “Rider Info Form”, fill out completely and include with suspension.

• Clean components are appreciated.
• Label your forks (outer tubes) and shock (reservoir) with your last name using a black Sharpie marker.


NOTICE: If you have Push Button Fork Bleeder screws, PLEASE REMOVE and install the OEM screws. If you don’t, they can leak, or break during shipping. Independent Race Shop will automatically charge to replace any push button bleeder screws with OEM screws, prior to return shipping.

• Fork guards, Axle Pinch Bolts and Holeshot Devices are not necessary. Please remove before shipping.

• Discharging the shock reservoir nitrogen is unnecessary and will cause the diaphragm to be compromised, leading to replacement and a added cost to the customer.


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